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        Welcome to Fast Auto Movers Inc. First we would like to thank you for visiting our site, and we would also like to give you the news about our industry. If you haven't figured it out by now, Our industry is very competitive and vague. We are not here to impress you with a flashy, promising, smoke and mirrors site. We are here to give you a true account of what to expect in this Industry.

       The initial website you used to try and attain an Auto Transport Quote did not belong to an actual Transport Company or Auto Transport Broker. The sites on line belong to lead providing companies, they capture your information and then sell it. The Companies that buy this information from the lead providers are all Brokers. Its the Brokers job to send out an estimate or quote via email and most will follow that with phone calls(That's why the site said get 7 or 10 free quotes). Drivers or trucking companies wont spend thousands of dollars a month to buy lead for people moving cars on routes they don't service. It would be fruitless for them to do that. All they have to do is wait for brokers to list the vehicles on their particular route and call the broker. In case you are wondering why it happens that way there's an in dept explanation on this page. As you will notice, over the next few days after your on line quote request, you will be inundated with both phone calls and emails from so called "Transport Companies", truthfully you are being contacted by brokers who will farm the work out to actual truckers or trucking companies. Fast Auto Movers is a broker as well, we will NOT deny or try to deceive any one about that. Fast Auto Movers is here to Provide comprehensive, truthful and clear information about the industry and what needs to happen in order to secure a driver for your particular move.


         Fast Auto Movers, as a Broker, is able to arrange transport for anyone in the United States because we are not limited to a particular route or specific cities we service and we will never run out of space on a truck or maybe not have trucks in the area when you need one. As our business description, we are able to make arrangements for our customers for any dates the customer needs and our prices afford us different choices of Drivers and Schedules. As a responsible, Bonded and Insured transport Agent, we are here to protect our Customers by securing Insured and Actively Licensed drivers. Fast Auto Movers will always screen our drivers to make sure we provide you the best company to move your vehicle. As a consumer you would not be able to attain insurance certificates or DOT documents, we are here to provide those missing pieces and to ensure you have peace of mind with the company providing your relocation. Every broker collects a fee for their services, we actually earn ours. We promise to provide all the information about your move, dates, names of carrier, and Phone number, as well as your screening results before requesting said fee.


        Once you have researched all your other options using, and you settle on our services, you're on your way to having a great experience with your auto transport needs. At Fast Auto Movers we will begin the process of securing your driver with minimal effort from you. In a matter of minutes we will confirm addresses for the relocation, people releasing and receiving the vehicle and Phone numbers to contact each party. We do require a major Credit or Debit card to be placed on file to secure your reservation, but we do NOT require an actual payment at that time. Its the equivalent of securing a hotel room by placing a card on file. There are no lengthy contracts to read, sign and fax back, there are no penalties or cancellation fees. We are here to make this Fast and Easy.


        Price will always translate to fast service. Fast Auto Movers will always provide updated quotes, based on all aspects of your auto relocation, location, size of vehicle, time of year, fuel cost and most Important, amount of vehicles you are competing with for service. If you go wrong with just one of the aspects it could jeopardize your entire move. Its not just about putting together an attractive price for our customer, its making sure the prices are attractive to the Independent Owner operators who may or may not call for your move. When its all said and done, you are trusting us to offer a price on your behalf which will secure a driver. We are not here to provide an offer that will just attract you.
Sometimes the rates needed to execute your move may be painful to accept, but as consultants, we must do whats best for you and your move. Low prices or quotes will not provide service, we will never be the highest quote you see, we pride ourselves in providing an average market price to get the job done.This market price is based on other vehicles that have been already moved by drivers on your route,and not based on the offers that are still currently listed waiting for service. Remember, you will literally go on a list of offers to move cars on your requested route, you can be towards the top with Our prices or on the very bottom by picking the lowest prices. Be cautious about picking your broker because hes giving YOU the best or cheapest rate, because once he takes his deposit, he will also be offering drivers a cheaper price in a very competitive industry.  At any given time there can be as little as 10,000 cars and as many as 30,000 looking for service in the U.S., some routes having 100's of cars. Remember to subtract the broker's fee or deposit from your quoted price and the balance or remainder is what they are offering drivers to move your Vehicle.


      As we all know, we are facing very difficult times economically as a nation, as consumers, we are always looking for a good deal or discounted price. Sometimes we fail to consider the people providing transportation services are also affected by the economy as well, we are speaking about the drivers in our industry. They provide a service which sometimes as consumers we are unaware of the effort it takes to complete. Our drivers pick up and deliver multiple clients (8-10) on your route as well as your vehicle. They travel from Home to Home picking up or dropping off vehicles, sometimes dealing with weather, customer schedules, vehicles not being ready, people not being ready and many other factors. As a consumer you are purchasing a SERVICE, we ask you have the willingness to pay the right price for the service you expect. Fast Auto Movers understands both sides, the consumer's and the driver's. So we are here to provide quote we believe will be FAIR for both parties involved. We are here to advise you and to also protect you. As we mentioned, the prices we provide are in your best interest, not ours. If the drivers would pick up at lower rates, we would have sent you a lower quote, we cant stress this enough, we are quoting you what's necessary to "get the job done". Fast Auto Movers Will never collect a fee unless we secure drivers for our client, therefor, pricing your vehicle to move is important to us.

     Lowering prices initially or at a customers request, actually hurt your chances of moving your vehicle. The only party that benefits from this Is the Broker, he closes the deal, collects his fee and your vehicle is not moved. We are saying this because it's the Unfortunate truth about our industry. Drivers will not usually know or consider a Military Discount or someone who cannot afford the right price, all they will see is a list of prices and cars, and they will only pick the ones which are priced right. So unless the Broker is discounting His "deposit" or fee, hes really discounting your chances of being transported. We are not afraid to say this, if you cant afford the right price, DRIVE your vehicle. Don't pay a deposit to find out you can not complete your move at the lowered rate, you will lose $150-$200 to find out you still need to be at least at the average market price or higher. Its a waste of your time and money.

     Theres are limited Guarantees in this industry, prices are not guaranteed until a driver calls the broker and expresses an interest in Moving a listed vehicle by said broker. The call from the driver will only happen if the price is spot on or close. Once we have an agreement between the customer and the driver on the quoted price, FAST AUTO MOVERS will send out a contract to the carrier stating the agreed upon price, that contract protects our customers rate. Any contract signed prior to a Driver accepting the job is useless. Usually those contracts are set up to protect the broker's right to keep your deposit or a portion of it if you cancel. 


The Different business models of Brokers.

       Like we mentioned from the beginning, Everyone responding to your quote request on line is a broker. You will not be contacted by drivers or trucking companies. THEIR job is to stay on the road driving, OUR job is to keep them busy. As good as the almost 4000 transport companies are, they need US brokers to handle their reservations and interact with clients so they don't have to. Imagine a driver taking 50-100 calls a day for quotes or to arrange a pick up date… it’s not going to happen. We are vital to the survival of the industry.

       Unlike the Household Moving industry, in the Auto industry there is not a driver set aside just for your move. In the Auto Transport Industry, drivers are dealing with 8-10 different customers at times, sometimes 100's of miles apart that they have to pick up or deliver.So, when you call and make a reservation with a broker drivers have to be located. They are on the road 24-7. The Only way to locate these drivers is placing your vehicle on a national Dispatch board.

1.) There are differences in the QUALITY of Brokers; some brokers will just put out a real low price for a few reasons. First reason might be inexperience, new to the industry, or they didn't do proper research on the size of vehicle and/or locations the vehicle is traveling. Or maybe their whole interest is to get people off the market with a cheap price in order to collect their deposit from you the day the reservation is completed. You will find that those brokers will put you in a contract stating there are penalties for early cancellation. You will also notice a pattern of lack of communication once your reservation is completed and potentially excuses why a driver hasn't picked up your vehicle. The bottom line is, if it’s too cheap, the drivers won’t be interested in moving your vehicle. There are hundreds of vehicles reserved daily on routes across the USA. Drivers will only pick up Vehicles which are priced right or even a bit over market price. If you go below market price, you will not be serviced by the drivers. They are independent businesses; they don't work for the brokers. Easy way of finding out who's a broker and who's a carrier is to go to and look at their qualifications as a company, this is what you will see:  

(click on MC number below)

Authority Status
Common Carrier None
Contract Carrier None
Broker Active
Company Type: Broker
** This information is generated by the FMCSA Information ** 

2) There are brokers like Fast Auto Movers providing "Market Price" or "Average Price" or "Middle of the road prices.” We research the National Dispatch Board called Central Dispatch to see what the average price is for vehicles being picked up on the route you are traveling. We take into consideration the size of vehicle, mileage, cost of Diesel, and time of year when we come up with your quote. Fast Auto Movers actually takes the time to ensure the quote we provide is as accurate as possible.  A quote is an estimate. Quotes may change the minute the weather becomes a factor on a route or the price of Diesel goes up or down, that means even if it happens after your quote has been sent out via email. Quotes are most accurate as long as you are traveling on or around the time the quote is issued. We don’t know what will happen a month down the road, let alone 6 months down the road. NEVER book your reservation more than a month prior to your requested pick up date.
Fast Auto Movers wishes it was possible to "lock you into a price by booking early" but the truth is, No prices are guaranteed to be honored by drivers, if Diesel goes up and they pay more at the pump, your quote will have to go up accordingly. Never let any broker promise they will honor the price 3-6 months down the road. It’s just another way for them to get your deposit today and then call you back around your pick up date and ask you for more money to make up the difference if the rates change. This Industry is ever changing like the Stock market, so rates may have to be revised, not for our company (F.A.M.) to make more money, but to ensure we keep your move competitively priced. The ideal thing to do is to book 7-10 days prior to your desired move date and make sure the quote you were given is still accurate.
Perfect example of these changes are; Prices from Florida to the North East or Mid West which suffer the most drastic changes in the industry. They can be as low as $500 in mid winter when there's no traffic leaving FL going north and as high as $750-$800 after the winter months, starting in(March, April, May) when everyone wants service at the same time going back North. So never book your December travel in October if you are coming down to Florida. These rates will be affected the same way. Wait until 2 weeks prior to your pick up and see the fore casted Market Price. There is never an exact price for this type of travel. It all depends on availability of drivers and volume of cars. An “Average Price Broker” will collect $150-$175 deposit, and the good ones won’t collect that money until they secure your transport and get an OK from the customer to bill the credit card.

3) You will also notice the "Aggressive Prices" or "High Priced" brokers. There’s usually 2 reasons for these prices… higher deposit to the brokers ($250-$300), then they will still pay the driver the average market price. The other reason might be paying drivers a bit above market price to get faster service and keep their customers happy. Although this is a good policy, we believe over paying drivers may not always be necessary. A fair market price will get the same type of attention from drivers and keep that extra $100-$150 in our customer's pocket.

So to recap… your best bet is to Book with a broker providing at least an Average Market Price or higher. What that means is pick a price in the middle, NOT the lowest price or the Highest price. Also, you can choose to go with a company that does not collect deposits until they secure a driver for your pick up first. It’s good business for us to do the work first and then collect any money from you.

Also, never pay the full amount of the trip on a credit card, unless you are the one requesting it, drivers traditionally want to collect their part once they deliver the car to you. Research all brokers on and you will be able to get first hand account from customers that have been moved by those brokers.

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